Sponsors are all alike

The difference between a corporate sponsor and a local restaurant sponsoring you or a individual is only that the corporation sponsoring you is a corporate entity.  A restaurant can be owned and operated by a corporation or it can be own by an individual.  The only difference between the two organization is there legal description.

Sure, most corporate sponsor are large multi-million companies but not all corporations are flushed with cash.  So don’t get hung up with whether your sponsor is a corporation or not.  Instead, focus on what you can offer to them and what they can offer for you.  If you are able to find a beneficial relationship for both sides of the equation then that is all that counts.

Sponsorship relationship are only successful to the extent that it works out for both parties.  So once again.  Focus on building a good relationship and not the name of the sponsor.

Know yourself

Before you can go out and seek corporate sponsored for whatever it is that you are doing, you need to figure out who you are, what you do, the purpose of what event that you are trying to get corporate sponsored for.

You need to identify your benefits, the assets that you bring to the corporation, and your target audience.  Corporation want positive press and they want to market and sell their services and products to their core audience.  They know who they need to appeal to to succeed in their business.

Its you job to tell them what you offer and how the marriage of the two can be a beneficial relationship for both sides.  But more importantly, how they can benefit from sponsoring your organization.  Sure, it could be a worthy cause and that that in off itself should be enough but let get real.  Most corporation make decisions to offer corporate sponsorship because it helps their bottom line so tell them how you can help them accomplish that goal.

Tell them what your event is, what type of people are likely going to attending, the average of the audience, and how sponsoring you will help their business.  Give them your projections of the size of the audience, what you are going to do to promote the event, how you are going to spotlight their company, how attendee or visitors to the event are going to know that they sponsored your event.

Corporate sponsors want visibility of their name, products, and services.  So focus on what you can offer to them as your primarily goal.  And to do that, you need to figure out all your positives by looking inward.  Cause at the end of the day you need to sell yourself to get corporate sponsor.

Welcome to Corporate Sponsor

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